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hoosing a Consultant is an important step. You want someone with an understanding of business who can translate that knowledge to you to make a difference.

Here is some information about me that will give you a better idea if we would be a good fit.

  • I have managed for major corporations like CBS and gained the experience from a major corporation. 
  • I’ve also owned my own successful Businesses and discovered the reality of payroll and competition and what it takes to survive. I managed one of H. Ross Perot’s companies 
  • I also had the pleasure of hiring and working with Roger Staubach for a year. 
  • As the Owner of 2 Radio Stations I worked with a wide range of Companies. 
  • During this time I discovered all professions have best practices. I started seeing how to take the best of one profession and share it with another profession.

Some client wins from recent years

  1. Over the last 4 years one of my clients, in this tough Florida economy has averaged between 37 and 52% increases.
  2. Based on the results I helped generate for a Coca-Cola bottler, Coca-Cola had me speak at their National Bottler Convention to share with other Coca-Cola Bottlers what we had done to generate the increased case sales.
  3. A local Savings and Loan company was having an Identity problem. The program I came up with not only dramatically increased deposits but also won 2nd Place in the United States Promotion Contest. It was an honor to speak at the National Convention in Washington D.C. and share how the program was put together and the results it generated.
  4. Based on the results I have gotten for clients, IKEA had me speak at their Business to Business Seminar.
  5. I’ve won as much as $11,700 in Grants for many of my Clients. Yes they do exist if you know where to find them and deal with the paperwork.

After traveling all over the United States for a major Consulting Firm I decided to open my own firm and concentrate on local companies.

During the last 8 years here are some of the results we have gotten for local clients.

  • Researched and negotiated a major purchase for a client which saved them $22,500 on the purchase, 
  • earned them a $21,000 tax credit 
  • reduced a monthly contract by over $600 per month 
  • which saved the client an additional $32,000 over the new 5 year contract.

To sum it up, I spend time with an owner to find out what they love to do, where they want to take their Company and how I can help them do that.

Gary Teaney's won millions of dollars of local and state Government Contracts for his clients.

Gary Teaney's won millions of dollars of local and state Government Contracts for his clients.

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