What to Expect From Business Coach Gary Teaney

How I Work With Owners

The initial consultation is done over 2 meetings.

In the first meeting we get to know each other. I discover the areas you want us to focus on, where you company is now and where you want it to go. This meeting generally takes two to four hours.

If the time we have spent together warrants, for you and for me, at the end of the first meeting I pick up four years of your P&Ls and Balance Sheets. I analyze them over a 7 to 10 day period and bring back the reports of what I find for our 2nd meeting.

In the second meeting we review the reports and see where your financials say you are and we look at the gap where you want to be. I show you my suggestions on what steps to reach your goals. This meeting generally last about two hours. At the end of that meeting you let me know if I have addressed the areas you wanted improvement.

The charge for the two in person meetings, the reports I created from your financials and the suggestions to reach your goals is $1250.

At that time you can chose to use my services on a monthly basis. For a one hour meeting each week the charge is $500 per month. This also includes phone calls through out the week for any issues which may come up for you.

Many of my clients also use me on a project basis. Here we decide what you want to accomplish, how long you want it to take and what my fee would be.

Gary Teaney with TCB

Gary Teaney with TCB

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Client Testimonials

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"Gary is extremely professional in his approach to business. As an owner of a small business it is very hard to find good advice. Gary is one of the few resources available to me where I know. I can get good advice and leadership by example. He is clear thinking in a sea of business turmoil.

His knowledge of the purchasing practices of the local governments is invaluable."

Peter Lewis

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Shake Creative

Gary is an invaluable asset to my company. He's been instrumental in helping me grow my small business from well under $100k in annual revenue to our current projection of a quarter of a million dollars in 2013. With his sales training, unmatched business acumen and tireless efforts I'm confident he can truly help any business take giant strides toward greater profitability all while easing the burden of minute details. If you want to learn a few things, pick up a book, but if you want to be completely TRANSFORMED, give Gary a call. 

Gabriel Aluisy

Shake Creative

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